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TIMKEN Premium Grease (1 Kg, Amber)


TIMKEN PREMIUM GREASE is a long-life grease specifically intended for the lubrication of roller bearings used in railroad car wheel journals. TIMKEN PREMIUM GREASE has an exceptional ability to maintain its consistency when subjected to a mechanical shear such as that encountered in a roller bearing. TIMKEN PREMIUM GREASE is fortified with a high performance corrosion inhibitor to protect bearing surfaces from damage in corrosive aqueous environments.

Additional information
compatible with calcium, calcium 12-OH stearate, calcium sulfonate, lithium and lithium complex thickened greases. Thickener Type Lithium-Calcium Soap
Quantity per pack: 10 std. packs Min. orderable quantity: 10 std. packs Buy in multiple of: 10 std. packs

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